Tree Removal Costs

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Depending on how complicated a tree removal is, property owners in Memphis pay $200 to over $2000. Homeowners with small to medium-sized trees benefit from a lower tree removal cost, with tree service providers charging $400 to $1,200. To remove an average-sized tree that has minimal complications surrounding it, you should expect a tree removal cost of about $750. 

Several factors play a role in the cost of removing a tree. From tree size and tree species to tree condition, we will look at all the factors that affect the tree removal cost. 

Tree Removal Cost Factors in Memphis, Tennessee

1. Tree Size 

To determine the cost of removing a tree, professionals pay attention to both tree height and trunk diameter. However, since the trunk diameter is directly proportional to the tree height – meaning trunk diameter increases with tree height, the height of a tree has a larger influence on tree removal cost. 

In Memphis, TN, height-based cost ranges from $8 – $15 per foot. If you have a white pine with a height of 150 feet, removing it will cost you $1,200 to about $2250. A homeowner with a 40-foot magnolia tree will pay $320 to $600. 

Taller trees cost more to remove for 2 main reasons – they are heavy, hence tougher to manage and they have put a large area at risk. The trunk diameter on the large trees is also much bigger, with the small trees having a diameter of below 15 inches and the larger trees having a diameter above 25 inches. Since tree removal involves cutting through the tree trunk, trees with bigger diameters take more time to remove. 

Small Tree Removal Cost 

These trees have a height of below 30 feet and a trunk diameter below 15 inches. Lighter than all other trees, small trees are the easiest to remove. 

In Memphis, small trees include the Japanese maple, crape myrtle, dogwood, magnolia, and the California juniper. Removing these trees costs $150 to $400. 

Medium Tree Removal Cost 

Trees like red maple, copper wood, and crab apples mature at heights between 30 and 60 feet. These medium-sized trees have a trunk diameter of 15 to 19 inches. 

To bring medium-sized trees down safely, professionals spend 4 to 8 hours. Homeowners pay $450 to $700 for the entire procedure. 

Large Tree Removal Cost 

These trees have a height of 60 – 100 feet and a trunk diameter of 20 to 24 inches. Examples of trees that fit in this category include sycamore and conifer. 

Large trees can take one or more days, with the time needed being dependent on tree removal experience and the gear being used. Professionals will charge you $900 to $1,200 to help you with large tree removal. 

Very Large Tree Removal Cost 

White pine, palm, sequoia, and eucalyptus trees grow to be over 100 feet tall. These trees have a trunk diameter of more than 24 inches. 

To remove these trees safely, professionals have to go slow, with complete tree removal generally taking multiple days. The entire procedure will cost you $1,300 to over $2000, depending on how large the tree is. 

Crane Assisted Tree Removal Cost 

If you have a large tree standing near power lines or next to your house, the tree removal experts may need the assistance of a crane to make the tree removal procedure safe. With the crane, it will be much easier for the professionals to keep the tree from falling in the wrong direction. 

However, in Memphis, it is generally the responsibility of the tree owner to hire the crane. To rent a crane for a day, you will pay $200 to $600, plus an additional $50 to $100 to pay the crane operator. This cost won’t be covered by the quoted tree removal cost – you will need to pay for the crane separately. 

Therefore, if the quoted tree removal cost is $1,000, the need for a crane will increase the cost to between $1,250 and $1,700. 

2. Tree Species 

Tree species affects wood hardiness, tree height, and trunk diameter. As noted earlier, palms tend to be over 100 feet tall while the California juniper rarely exceeds 30 feet. In this case, the palm tree will be costlier to remove, compared to the California juniper. 

You should expect the tree removal cost to change as shown below, depending on species: 

Oak Tree Removal Cost 

In Memphis, oak trees mature at 60 to 100 feet tall. Oaks with a height of 30 to 60 feet cost $200 to $800 to remove. Oaks with a height between 60 and 100 feet cost $800 to $1000. 

Magnolia Tree Removal Cost 

Magnolia trees fit in the small tree category, generally maturing at 30 feet tall. Magnolias are extremely easy to remove, with professionals completing the entire procedure in under 2 hours. To get rid of magnolia trees, you will pay $375 to $500. 

Sycamore Tree Removal Cost 

Sycamores are medium-sized trees, with a height of between 30 and 60 feet. To remove a sycamore tree, you will need to pay $600 to $900. 

Pine Tree Removal Cost 

Pines reach 80 to 150 feet at maturity. The tree has a cost of $200 to $1500 when it needs removal with a height of 30 to 80 feet. However, when the height exceeds 80 feet and starts approaching 150 feet, you will need $1500 to $2000 to remove the tree. 

Palm Tree Removal Cost 

Palm trees have a height of 80 to over 100 feet, depending on the growth conditions. Removing these trees will set you back $250 to $1,200, depending on how tall the tree is. 

3. Condition of the Tree 

While some pre-existing conditions will make tree removal easier, other conditions will make the entire procedure harder, increasing the tree removal cost. Some of the conditions that tree removal experts come across when removing trees in Memphis include: 

  • Fallen trees – Trees that have fallen on open ground are the easiest to remove. Most of the tree removal work is already done. This often reduces the tree removal cost, putting it between $75 – $150. However, if the tree is lying on your house or other utilities, its removal cost might be slightly higher. 
  • Dead trees – Since dead trees are generally lighter, they have a lower tree removal cost. Professionals may charge you between $75 and $400. 
  • Weak branches – If a tree has weak branches on its crown, the movement often caused by the tree removal efforts may cause these branches to fall. In addition to injuring the tree removal experts, the branches may also damage your home. To reduce the chances of property damage, tree pruning may be conducted ahead of tree removal. This will increase the tree removal cost. 
  • Cavities and decays – These are an indicator that the tree has significant instability problems. Stabilization mechanisms may be needed to keep the tree from falling unexpectedly or in the wrong direction. 
  • Significant lean – Trees leaning over houses, utility lines, and other important structures need more effort to prevent property damage. However, trees that are leaning on the open ground can be brought down with extreme ease. The situations surrounding the tree’s lean have a significant effect on the tree removal cost. 

4. Additional Services

Tree removal is often accompanied by various services that are often not included in the quoted tree removal cost. The services include: 

  • Tree chipping – This procedure helps slice up the tree trunk into portable pieces. It facilitates the hurling of the tree from your compound. Tree chipping costs $50 to $100. 
  • Wood splitting – Some property owners in Memphis do use firewood. For tree removal experts to convert the tree into firewood, you may spend $50 to $100. 
  • Travel fees – While this isn’t a service you will benefit from; you may have to pay for travel time if you decide to work with a team that lives too far from your property. Professionals charge a fixed cost of $50 to $200 or $0.5 per mile covered. You can, however, avoid the travel fee by simply hiring professionals closest to the worksite. 
  • Permits and licenses – Property owners are required to get licenses and permits before removing a tree. Tree removal experts can get these documents for you. However, you will need to pay $60 to $200, depending on the size of the tree and the impact it will have on the environment after removal. 

Stump Removal Cost 

If you want the tree removal experts to get rid of one tree stump, you will be charged $100 to $150. However, when you need to get rid of several tree stumps, you may need to pay the amounts listed below: 

  • Per stump – The initial stump has the highest cost, averaging at $150. Each of the remaining tree stumps may cost you $50. 
  • Per hour cost – Every hour spent on stump removal will set you back $150. 
  • Per diameter inch – Each diameter inch is worth $2 to $3. However, a minimum cost of $100 is generally applicable. The diameter of the tree stump is measured closest to the ground. 
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